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News Media

Bangkok Post logo

In the first place you should read the Thai news in an English language Thai newspaper. I do this daily by going to the website of The Bangkok Post. I think it is the best source of news about Thailand.
And, while you are there, don't forget to visit their "Database" section with computer-related information and links. "Database" is refreshed every Wednesday.


Others prefer the site of The Nation. It is the other English language newspaper in Thailand. Go there for a different, and more regional, view at the news.


Hasekamp Net also has a page with a selection of news about Thailand. The news items are gathered from all over the Web, and are not just copied, but are adapted in the style of these pages.
The latest headlines (non-clickable) are:

King ill, duties postponed - Saturday, 14 July 2012, 12: 07 GMT
Court rules about Constitution - Friday, 13 July 2012, 16: 53 GMT
Much illegal encroachment - Friday, 13 July 2012, 16: 48 GMT
Royal pardon for lese majeste - Friday, 13 July 2012, 16: 45 GMT
King had small health problem - Friday, 13 July 2012, 16: 41 GMT

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Thai language

There are two extensive sites where you can try to learn the Thai language for free. Both sites let you start immediately from the Thai alphabet, which is the only right way to start to learn the Thai language.

One site is set up by Thai students and it is not only very complete, but also systematically set up! It is updated very frequently. It has index pages for reading, listening, writing and more. It also has a wide choice of resources. Try Manee and Friends as a start. You get to their home page by clicking the logo below.


The other one is set up by the Northern Illinois University (NIU). You have to install a small font from this site first. Go to their overview page for the Thai language to get an idea of what you will find on the site, click the link below to visit their Thailand home page (click the door on the left hand side for the menu), or go to a different version of Manee (called Manii here), which also contains book two. The two Manii books (40 lessons) give you a great start with the Thai language.


Since 2007 a new site with Thai lessons can be found on Its4Thai. The site has an apealing interface and we expect it to become popular. You can adjust several things, among others the language in which the text is being displayed: Thai or transliterated English. Check it out!

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Travel and Tourism

Thaiair logo

A reliable airline to travel to Thailand is the national carrier Thai Airways International. You enjoy Thai hospitality from the moment you enter your plane and your landing will be "Smooth as Silk".
You can also consult the flight schemes on-line and -if you register- you can also book on-line. In many cases, however, your local travel agent will be able to offer you a lower price. Always double check before booking!



For booking your hotel online take a look at the site of Asiatravel. I always book my hotels there and everything was exactly as advertized. For every hotel you can see several "previews" and most hotels give you an "Internet reduction" when booking through Asiatravel!


TAT logo

For all your tourist information the Tourism Authority of Thailandis the place to go. They are especially good at Festivals and other changing events. (But many of my visitors have told me that my site is better!)


Accomodating Asia

A different site about traveling in Asia in general, including Thailand is Accommodating Asia. Their philosophy is to let travelers exchange their experiences and give them information as well. Take a look.


(Voor Nederlandse bezoekers / For Dutch visitors): Nederlandse Op Reis Top 100. Kies voor deze site!

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A really excellent site about Buddhism, though not restricted to Thailand, is Buddhanet. The site is very extensive and includes tons of books and other documentation to read on-line or to download for free.


You might also want to visit the pages of His Holiness The Supreme Patriarch of Thailand.

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Government / Governmental Organizations

As you should know, before you visit Thailand, King Bhumibol Adulyadej (King Rama IX) is highly respected by the Thai people. When you read more about him you will discover that this respect is well deserved. Visit the website devoted to His Majesty the King. You will find information about the many talents of His Majesty (like for instance music and painting), information about the Royal Projects

A good site about the Music by His Majesty can be found on the bilingual site "Le Roi Musicien". The link will take you to the English opening page.


If you want to know more about the Royal Thai Governmentyou should start with this link. It will give you information and links to all the ministries and other government-related sites.

A site that has links to virtually all sites on the Internet, related to Thailand, included all governmental organizations, is maintained by NEPO. This sites takes some time to load (have a cup of coffee in the meantime) but it is more than worthwhile!

The longest Postage Stamp in the World

If you are a stamp collector, you should also visit the website of the Communications Authority of Thailand, especially the page that displays new Thai stamps.

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Personal Homepages about Thailand

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