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Shopping in Thailand (Part 1)

Thailand has numerous shopping opportunities. One of them are the markets. There is a separate set of pages dedicated to that. See the link in my menu find them. This page -and the one coupled to it- shows a few of the other shopping possibilities.

(I apologize for the poor quality of some of the pictures on this page, especially when enlarged. They are not as good as you normally can expect from me, but the light is not very good in department stores and other shopping centers)


Shopping in the streets (1)Shopping in the streets (2)

As stated in the introduction, the markets are a very good place to do your shopping in Thailand. Sometimes it is difficult to say whether you have to do with a market or you are walking in a normal shopping street. I consider the above pictures to be made in a shopping street and not on a market, because the stalls belong to the shops in this street.

Shopping Plaza in BangkokShopping Plaza in Phuket Town

You definitely have to do with shopping centers in the areas around the department stores. They are being called Shopping Plaza's. On the left hand side picture above you see the Plaza around Central Pinklao, one of the many branches of Central Department Store. You also find many nice places to eat there. On the right hand side picture above you see Ocean Plaza in Phuket Town, which is considerably smaller, but very cozy to walk around too.

Old Siam Shopping Center

This is a picture of Old Siam, which is a covered shopping area in Bangkok with shops as well as stalls. On the ground floor you have the large area pictured above with stalls, while around this area and on the upper floors you find ordinary shops. On the top floor you find some restaurants and around Old Siam you find some fast food places. On the ground floor are several jeweler's shops.

Siam CenterMBK Shopping Center

Three more shopping centers in Bangkok should be mentioned: In the first place Siam Center (left hand side picture), and in the second place nearby Siam Discovery Center (no picture). In the third place a large shopping plaza is MBK Shopping Center, not too far from the two mentioned. All three are close to the skytrain Central Station.

Old Siam Shopping Center

Numerous shopping centers in the streets (everywhere in Thailand) have handy signs with advertisements from all the shops present, as shown on the picture above.

Pata Department Store

The Department Stores in Bangkok are very well-assorted and modern. The picture was taken inside Pata Department Store in Bangkok. (Don't forget to visit the Zoo if you are there! You can see and read some of it on my page about "Hidden" attractions in Bangkok). The largest departments stores are most branches of Central Department Store and some branches of Robinson's Department Store, especially the one on Rachadaphisek Road.

River City Shopping Center

Another large and good shopping Center, though you should watch the prices there, is River City Shopping Center, specialized in Thai silk, Art and antiques. You will probably come there anyway, during your stay in Bangkok, because many Hotel shuttle boat services bring you there. On the ground floor there are often interesting exhibitions. The picture above was taken in one of the corridors of the upper floors.

The shopping area in your hotel

Another category of shopping centers I want to mention are the shopping centers in hotels. They are not necessarily expensive. Mostly the quality of the articles is good there. If this was not the case, the sellers would loose the license for their shop, which is something they strongly dislike. So this is an easy and convenient place to do some of your shopping.

Shopping Arcade

Before I give you some hints for more specialized shopping (on the next page) I show you this "shopping arcade". You find them everywhere in Thailand. They are often located just outside hotels or shopping centers and can be considered to be somewhere in between regular shops and market stalls.

Nowadays - what else can you expect - you also find the "megastores" like "Big C", "Tesco Lotus" and "Carrefour" in Thailand. I do not further comment on them further. You know them from your own country.

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