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gives an introduction to the Thailand Webring, run by Hasekamp Net.
For a general introduction to the Webring system of this site, please visit the Hasekamp Net Ringlink Home Page. This page specifically deals with the Thailand Ring.

Our Webring system makes use of the Ringlink Program.

You can join this webring, if you live anywhere in the World and your site is about Thailand, or if you are from Thailand and you have a website about any subject.
However: We do not accept site with adult contents, sites with any illegal contents, casino sites and other unwanted sites. The Ringmaster is entitled to decide if a site is acceptable or not.

Having said this, we are happy that you are interested in this webring! We will be happy if you join this ring.

How to join?

Just follow the five simple steps:

Fill out the form below. Double check if you filled in your email address correctly! Otherwise you will not receive your code by email.
Site title
Description (max 250 characters)
Keywords (optional; max 150 characters)
Site entry URL
HTML code URL (leave blank if same as entry URL)
Site ID (letters and/or digits)
Name (name of the site's webmaster)
Email (email address of the site's webmaster)


You will receive an email with the code you need to place on your site within a few minutes. (If you don't get it, scroll down this page a bit and find a form that leads you to your site admin page)

Place the code on your home page or a special page on your site for webrings. (You will be asked to give the address for the page where the code will be while filling out the form).

Email the to let him know that you have placed your code. (Please specify the page where the code can be found).

The Ringmaster will check out if everything is OK on your site and then activate your account. You will receive an (automated) email then.

Please note that the system will check the codes on all the participating sites regularly. Should the code on your site be missing or otherwise cause problems, your site will be de-activated. You will be notified by email if this happens. Please bring everything back to order in that case, and mail the Ringmaster again!

If you have questions left about the tools at , feel free to contact the .

Get the customized HTML code (or edit your site info) for the Thailand Ring from here:

Site ID:

The most frequently asked question:

I placed the code on my page, but it does not center. How can I solve this?

The answer to the question is:

Place a <center> tag just below the line "BEGIN Hasekamp Net Thailand Ring code" in the HTML fragment and a </center> tag just above the line "END Hasekamp Net Thailand Ring code" in the HTML fragment.


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