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Official site of Lengerich - Site about the History of Lengerich

Claus Gerd Hasenkamp, my eldest known ancestor, (in the Netherlands known as Klaas Gerrit Hasekamp) was born in Lengerich in Germany, somewhere in between Osnabrück and Münster in the Teutobürger Wald (Teutobürger Forest).

From a document I obtained in the local library of Lengerich I summarize the following facts from the history of Lengerich:

The first written source in which Lengerich is mentioned dates back to 1147. Therefore in 1998 the fact was being celebrated that Lengerich was 850 years old. In this first written source the place is referred to as "Liggerkerke". It received its "City Rights" (Stadtrechte) in 1727.

Lengerich has been a small village for long time: in 1591 Lengerich counted 41 houses; in 1728 it counted 150 houses, with altogether 614 inhabitants and in 1821 the village had 1173 inhabitants in the town, and in the surrounding territory there were 4408 inhabitants. Between 1832 and 1891, however, more than 1000 inhabitants emigrated, most of them to Canada and the USA. Since 1901 a railway passes Lengerich. I n 1927 the town and the surrounding territory were united into one community. From 1816 until 1975 Lengerich belonged to the "Kreis" Tecklenburg, since 1975 it belongs to the "Kreis" Steinfurt.

You can see the location of Lengerich on the following map:

Map of the area around Lengerich

In this area there is a small river called the "Hase". You can see it on the map, because it flows right through the middle of Osnabrück. And you can see it on a picture below:

The river Hase in Osnabrück

This is the river Hase, as it flows through Osnabrück.

It is very likely that the name Hasekamp or Hasenkamp is a geographical name, meaning something like "camp near the Hase". As long as I do not know better, I assume that this is the meaning of my Family name.

Church in Lengerich

When I was in Lengerich for the first time, in 1996, I took this picture of the old church, where my ancestors probably went every Sunday. The first written source that mentions this church dates from 1149. It obtained its present shape in 1497, however.

Old building in Lengerich

Another beautiful old building in Lengerich is this building, dating from around 1250. It is called "Römer".

When I went to Lengerich for the second time in August 1998 I found the farmhouse called "Hasenkamp", where several of my ancestors have lived, and where one of my "distant cousins" is living and working as a farmer until today!

The farm is located in a "Bauernschaft" called Wechte, near Lengerich. This part of Lengerich seems to be the oldest part, with remains dating from 4000 years ago!

You can (hopefully) see the location yourself from the detailed map below:

Map of Wechte and Lengerich

The farm is on the top left of the page, marked with a small square. On the right is Lengerich and just above the part of the map that is being displayed the village of Tecklenburg is located.

And now here is the moment you all have been waiting for: Here you can see a picture of the farm "Hasenkamp"!

The farm Hasenkamp in Lengerich-Wechte

The present inhabitants, my "distant cousin" Gustav Hasenkamp and his wife Anna, have placed a remembrance stone in the wall of the farm, as you can see below. If you ever want to go there, just jump into bus 245 or 146 and get off at the bus stop called "Hasenkamp"! (Can you believe how it feels to see your name on an bus stop?)

Remembrance stone Bus stop Hasenkamp in Lengerich-Wechte

I was quite impressed having discovered the ground of my ancestors, so I made a few more picture of the farm:

Closer view of the farm Hasenkamp Yet another view of the farm Hasenkamp

I also went to the "Martin Luther Haus" in Lengerich, where microfiches are kept of the old Church registers, but these were not very accessible and the index fiches, if readable at all, were not always referring to the correct places of the microfiches of the Church register. I have to go back to figure that out.


In the local library I found some information about Johann Gerhard Hasenkamp (1736-1777), also born on the farm "Hasenkamp", who was quite a well-known Theologian in his time. Once he met Goethe (yes, the one who wrote "Faust") in an inn in Eberfeld, where they had a dispute about a suicide, that is described in an "understanding" way in one of Goethe's works. Hasenkamp strongly disagreed with that "understanding" of suicide. I wonder who recorded this dispute, but it reached the local history books in Lengerich anyway.


The genealogical data I obtained during my visit to Lengerich can be found on my Surnames page. Any additions that clarify the German branch of the Hasenkamp family from my visitors are more than welcome!!


I was informed by the Hofmann Family (see the link to their site a bit lower) that a W. Hasenkamp is mentioned there in a local history book in 1595. If there is a direct line form this W. Hasenkamp to Claus Gerd Hasenkamp, the family has lived in or around Lengerich for a very long time, almost "forever" in genealogical terms!

As mentioned above, quite a few people emigrated from Lengerich, not only to the Netherlands -like my ancestors- but mainly to the USA and Canada. In the library they have a booklet containing a list of names of the people who emigrated from there.


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