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A trip to Doi Inthanon National Park.

You can make a trip to this National Park from Chiang Mai. What you will see there is worthwhile, not only because you will go to the highest point of Thailand, which will give you a thrill in itself, but also because you will see two special Monuments (Chedi's), and if time permits -like in my case- even more!


So, let's go on this virtual trip and take a look.

Highest point in Thailand Flowers on the top of Thailand

I take you right to the top, to the highest point in Thailand (2565 m above sea level). You can put the air conditioning of your car out when you enter the National Park, and here on the highest point it is advisable to put something on over your shirt. It really is chilly here!
While there, take a good look at the many beautiful flowers growing there.

A piece of jungle

Your guide will take you on a small tour through a piece of real (old) jungle, be it that there has been made a path for the convenience of the visitors.

Chedi for HM The King Chedi for HM the Queen

When you have looked around on the highest peek of Thailand, you will be taken down a bit, to find two special Monuments (Chedi's):
On the left hand side picture is a Chedi, built on the occasion of HM The King's 60th birthday, and on the right hand side picture is a Chedi built on the occasion of HM The Queen's 60th birthday. The Monuments (Chedi's) face each other on neighboring hills, about 100 meters from each other.

View from HM The King's Chedi

The view from here is beautiful and in fact breathtaking, though it is not possible to catch this wide view in a single picture. I hope this picture gives an impression nevertheless.

Buddha image in HM The King's Chedi Buddha image in HM The Queen's Chedi

As you can expect, both Chedi's have beautiful Buddha images. On the left hand side picture the Buddha image for HM The King's Chedi and on the right hand side picture the Buddha image for HM The Queen's Chedi.

Waterfall (1) Waterfall (2)

On your way further back to Chiang Mai you will pass this waterfall. It is the Mae Klang waterfall. Take your time and walk around, or even climb the rock. It is a wonderful place to take some rest.

Royal Project View from Royal Project

If you take a small detour (ask your guide) you can visit one of the Royal Projects, where opium farmers have changed to cultivating vegetables and flowers instead.
HM The King personally participated in selecting the right crops to replace opium.
When you walk around in this small village it is more than obvious that this change from opium to vegetables and flowers has made the village prosperous. The local people are very well dressed and they seem to be proud to be a part of a Royal Project.
On the right hand side picture you can see the view from a hill, belonging to the village, with another waterfall in the background and a Buddha image in the foreground.

After having seen so much -the highest point of Thailand, a piece of jungle, two special Chedi's, a waterfall and a "Royal Project"- you will return tired, but highly content to your hotel or guest house in Chiang Mai!

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