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Hua Hin

Hua Hin is one of the beach resorts in Central Thailand that is popular, especially with Thai people. But also you, as a western tourist, can have a great and quiet time there.


The town (or really the village) of Hua Hin

Hua Hin Railway station Hua Hin night market

Hua Hin is more a village than a town, and nobody there seems to be in any hurry. The railway station is a fine piece of architecture, and is famous all over Thailand for that. You can see it on the left hand side picture above. The right hand side picture shows that in Hua Hin you find markets as everywhere else in Thailand. Before you order a taxi or other public transport to bring you to your hotel (if you arrive by train), take a look at the map of Hua Hin to find out where your hotel is located. Our hotel was located between 500 and 1000 meters from the railway station, so we could have walked there easily. The taxi drove quite a long way around, to save his face, before he brought us there. On our way back we walked in 5-10 minutes to the railway station!

The right hand side picture shows the night market, which is one of the major shopping occasions in this sleeping small town.

Hua Hin Beach (1) Hua Hin Beach (2)

But Hua Hin is in the first place a beach resort. The twopictures above show you its fine beach. The beach consists of fine sand and large stones and is comfortable for bathing. On the right hand side picture you can see some of the horses, that are being rented there for small trips. The owners will approach you in an almost intimidating way. Think of the Phuket tuk-tuk drivers, to get an idea.

Steet in Hua Hin Seafood restaurant

The village itself is pleasant to walk in. In fact you will hardly ever need public transport inside Hua Hin. During your walks you will see some fine wooden houses (left-hand side picture) and a choice of fine seafood restaurants (right-hand side picture). Some of the finest seafood restaurants are located directly next to the sea and give a beautiful view over the sea and the activity there. Don't miss to see the sunset there!

Wooden house Activity at sea

The left-hand side picture above shows another fine old wooden building, and the right-hand side picture shows activity on the sea, during one of our seaside dinners. The seafood is excellent, as in most places in Thailand.

The direct surroundings of Hua Hin

Temple on rock Macaques at the Temple

Just outside Hua Hin is a Temple, built on a rock. It is called Wat Thammikaran. This Wat is especially famous by tourists because of the huge macaque colony living there. As you would expect in Thailand, there will be sellers of food for the macaques.


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