On this page I will give you the names of some of my ancestors, as far as I am familiar with them now, in a straight line, leading to me.

Claus Gerd Hasenkamp

christened Lengerich, Germany 30 May 1736; died Lengerich, Germany 22 Feb. 1825


Anna Maria Oelrich

My great-great-grandparents:

Gerrit Hasekamp

christened Lengerich (Germany) 17 Febr. 1768; died Rotterdam (the Netherlands), 01 March 1839


Maria Kohler

born ? 1777; died 18-05-1856 Rotterdam (the Netherlands)

My great-grandparents:

Willem Hasekamp

Willem Hasekamp

born Rotterdam (the Netherlands) 12 March 1817 ; died 26 June 1884 Rotterdam (the Netherlands)


Josephina Johanna Maier

born Utrecht (the Netherlands) 23(?) Oct. 1836; died Rotterdam (the Netherlands) 23 July 1867

My grandparents:

Willem Joseph Hasekamp

Willem Joseph Hasekamp

born Rotterdam (the Netherlands) 01 July 1863; died The Hague (the Netherlands) 14 April 1938


Jeannette Oversluijs

born Delft (the Netherlands) 8 Oct. 1864; died Noordwijk (the Netherlands) 9 August 1928

My parents:

Arnold Lodewijk Hasekamp

born Delft (the Netherlands); died Ilanz (Switzerland)


Emilie Minna Duscha

born Essen (Germany); died Wassenaar (the Netherlands)


René C.D.E. Hasekamp

born The Hague (the Netherlands) 2 Nov. 1942

(In order to protect the privacy of living persons I prefer not to publish any further names down the family tree. Also for reasons of privacy I do not publish the dates of birth and death of my parents here on the Internet)

I am still searching for many of my ancestors. In particular I have the following genealogical questions:
If you have the answer to any of these questions, please


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Here are some of my questions. Thanks for taking the trouble to read them!

  • Thanks to these pages, I have been informed quite well about the ancestors and some relatives of Claus Gerd Hasenkamp from Lengerich. One of my distant cousins from Germany has helped me greatly. He has asked me - however - not to publish these data on the Internet for some time, as he may publish them himself.
    The descendants of Claus Gerd Hasenkamp's son Gerrit Hasekamp could be traced by me already in the archives in the Netherlands. You can browse through them on my Surnames page. But I am also interested in the descendants of Gerrit's brother Friedrich Hasenkamp, who stayed in Germany and lived on the farm "Hasekamp". Or did they also emigrate?

  • The ancestors of my mother come from East Prussia, nowadays Poland. Her mother was Amalie Wilhelmine FREINIK (sometimes also spelled as Freiink), who was born in Bartoschken-Neidenburg on 05-07-1870. Who has ever encountered her name in his/her genealogical research? So far I never found anything I could use. I really have tried very hard, but everything ends in a dead end.

  • The father of my mother was Karl DUSCHA, who was born in Jakobstal-Waplitz on 22-03-1874. Has any of you ever come across his name in his/her genealogical research? about him too I can find nothing at all.

  • Before my grandmother (Amalie Wilhelmine FREINIK ) married Karl Duscha, she was the widow of somebody called PIOTROWSKI (no first name known), who also came from East Prussia. One of the sons from this first marriage was called Wilhelm PIOTROWSKI. He changed his name into Wilhelm POSWIG and I can trace his descendants in Germany (in principle). But is there anybody who can help me with the research to trace the ancestors of this Mr. PIOTROWSKI from East Prussia? This is another dead end in my research.

    Any remarks about this page? Or can you supply me with more information?


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